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Enter the rapidly expanding digital media market. Join a national network of Independent Producers.

As an owner/operator of a Producer System© you are now in the "Digital World". Your system enables you to offer many different types of products and services for a variety of consumer and business applications. You will offer your customers "Digital Solutions" for all of their needs. Many Profit Centers are available. This can be done on a Full or Part time basis. Our turnkey system includes a time tested marketing strategy so you can start making money right away. Begin as a home based business - low overhead, very small inventory, low competition and huge profit margins.

The Producer System© will provide all the tools to:

  • Convert and transfer videos, photos, film and slides (Protect them for generations on DVD Discs) Your marriage may last forever your wedding video will not.
  • Create video montages/DVD slideshows/Digital video albums
  • Offer duplication services: DVD Duplication/CD Duplication
  • Edit Digital Memories by transferring, video to DVD, photos to DVD, film to DVD, audio to DVD and slides to DVD
  • Create streaming digital video for web based applications
  • Create DVD catalogs and Point of Sale presentation materials
  • Create interactive and indexed archives (authoring) for audio, video, photos, and other graphic images on DVD
  • Scanning: Photos, Slides, Negatives, Artwork, Documents
  • Convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and training videos to DVD
  • Transcoding, converting file formats to play on all devices
  • Packaging includes printing custom covers and DVD discs for DVD media
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DVD Revolution

Did You Know That?

Fact: Industry estimates say “over 400 million hours of videotape exist in this country, much of it …family home videos.”

Fact: Videotape will begin to significantly degrade and lose picture quality in as little as twelve years.

Videotapes are Fading
VHS is fading

Think about all those irreplaceable, priceless Tapes degrading into unwatchable scratchy Video

Fact: There are over 500 billion paper photos in the USA alone. All of which are degrading.DVD Lasts A Lifetime
Fact: There are still millions of feet of movie film waiting to be transferred into DVD films.

Fact: Millions of slides need to be scanned and converted to DVD media.

Fact: Thousands of Businesses, Museums, Government and law enforcement agencies store video tapes with irreplaceable data that is rapidly degrading. Click for more!

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