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Digital Media Centers© has developed the most innovative marketing concept in the industry, and will assist you in becoming a member of an expanding group of professionally trained Digital Media specialists. If you are thinking that “I don’t know anything about converting video”, we’ve designed a home based Systems that are easy to understand and operate. Using our proprietary system of professional software and hardware you will be able to create the highest quality DVD discs, just like Hollywood does it!! Producer System     DVD System

Hollywood Producer System© has spent a decade testing and assembling the highest quality, user friendly, hardware and software. Our years of experience will get you started quickly and enable you to avoid many time consuming and costly mistakes.

The Digital Media Centers© are  unique systems consisting of state-of-the-art video and computer hardware. Our proprietary systems of software and hardware encodes, authors and burns DVD discs quickly and easily. With our Producer system package you will be able to convert to DVD; VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Mini Digital Video (DV), photographs, slides, scrapbooks, documents, audio, and much, much more to Digital Media. And, all of our systems include some of the most advanced authoring and editing capabilities that give you the ability to create original projects and add incredible extra value to the products and services you provide. You will be able to create "Interactive DVD presentations" using our professional authoring and editing software . Our exclusive process enables you to use our scanner software to convert photos to DVD media faster than any other method currently available!

  • Save time and money, we show you how to get your first customer, your 100th customer and how to continue to grow your business!
  • Professionally produced templates for sales presentations to consumers, commercial accounts, videographers, etc. all included in your Marketing Manual.
  • Your Marketing Manual will include Demo DVD discs and Sales Presentation Materials that give you instant credibility and show your prospects the many benefits of Digital media.
  • Everything you need to get your business started now! 
  • Complete and detailed sales system including Order Forms, Rate Cards, Log Sheets, Work Orders, media evaluation forms and more!
  • Training and support. Every system includes training to teach you every aspect of the DVD media Business.

How long would it take you to put together a complete Marketing Plan/Manual of your own? A month? 6 Months? How much do you think it would cost? $5,000.00? $10,000.00? $30,000.00? You get the idea!

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Here's What People Are Saying!

DVD Producer Owner’s Testimonials

We are extremely happy with our DVD Producer System© business. We started this as a part time business from our home and now are full time and everyone loves the DVDs we make for them. The equipment has been very reliable and we can always rely on timely support."
DVD Testimonial
- Bruce and Bridget, California

"We were very impressed by the training and how easy it is to use the DVD Producer System©. We didn’t have any prior technical background and we were making DVDs after one day of training! The ongoing support has been great... they have helped us with many of our bigger projects.”
DVD Testimonial
- Jan, Texas

"The folks at had a complete program of hardware, software and training materials so I could get started right away. It probably saved me thousands of dollars and lots of my time. And the training was great! I have been in the DVD transfer business since 2005 and my business is really growing!”DVD Testimonial
- Jean, Florida

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